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Welcome to Stewart Court Housing Co-operative


Built in the mid 1980’s for retired teachers who had grouped together to form a Co-operative to build and operate an apartment block for ex-teachers. In later years as their, membership dwindled it was decided to open its membership to other people besides being a teacher. The requirement today is you must be at least 55 years old, be able to live independently, plus be willing to participate in the operations of running this building.

The building is run by a Board of Directors which are members of Stewart Court and elected to form and govern the building. We ask that you as a member help us by running the day-to-day operation of the building. Elections are held once a year and we need people that are willing to let their names stand. Day to day operations does not mean you will be asked to cut the grass, clear the snow etc. But being on a committee that looks after certain jobs.

What is a Co-op?

Co-operative operations have been in Canada for a very long time. They are governed by both the Federal and Provincial Governments. In the Housing side we have a Canadian organization that Stewart Court is part of. This organization is called Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada. (CHFC). This organization is responsible for our bylaws, and will negotiate any new policies that the federal Government will make that affect our Co-op. By paying a membership fee you become a member of the Co-op. Our membership fee at Stewart Court is $250.00 per person. This fee will be returned to you if you decide to leave Stewart Court. As a member you are part owner of the building and properties. In other words, also the land lord. Your Board of Directors hold a Board meeting every month. And the minutes plus the financial records are posted. We try to hold at least three membership meetings plus the AGM every year. This is when the auditor reads the financial report and we have elections to find people to run for office.

Stewart Court Co-op Housing

Stewart Court is a modern well maintained apartment block with five floors and 43 suites. All our suites have custom made white Oak kitchen cupboards. All the cupboards are designed to have your own dishwasher installed without losing cupboard space. We have 24 two-bedroom suites and 19 one-bedroom suites. As per Co-op regulations we have a mixture of regular suites and convenience suites for members with light disabilities.

The total patio has been outfitted with floor to ceiling screens so that you may sit outside to use your portable propane BBQ or simply enjoy the fresh air without any pesty bugs or pigeons. You can also install a small outdoor shed on the patio.

One Bedroom Suite

Two Bedroom Suite


Stewart Court Housing Amenities

  • Main floor Common Room with kitchen.

  • Access Television with digital box, and Basic Cable included in rent.

  • Cable Television and Telephone pre-wired into the suite.

  • Wall mounted Air Conditioner.

  • Outdoor light and double AC outlet.

  • Water (Hot and Cold) included.

  • Heat Hot Water (thermostatic controlled) Included.

  • Large closets in the bedroom(s).

  • Bathtubs all have shower extensions.

  • Hand rails in the Bathroom for safety.

  • Hallways have cool or warm air vents to maintain higher pressure.

  • Front door to suite communication for identifying guests.

  • Closed Circuit Television to see who is at the front door.

  • High security electronic timed door locks. You control the inner front door from your suite while you view who is calling.

  • Outside door safety plates for added protection.

  • Full time maintenance/caretaker here Mon./Frie plus emergency calls on weekends and holidays.


At the present time we are on a special lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic and most of our activities have had to be cancelled. But I will list the ones that we do.

Each member must pay an annual $15.00 Social fund fee. This helps us purchase supplies to do the following.

  • Have coffee and light pastry twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

  • Special BBQ suppers made with our BBQ in the common room on the main floor.

  • Catered Suppers Put on by each floor throughout the year.

  • Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and New Year’s suppers.

  • Games night includes Shuffle Board, Cribbage, Sticks, and Canasta.

  • Friday afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. "Social Gathering".

  • Then there will be special nights when watching our Large TV and watching the CFL or NHL or any team that you want to watch.


At least once a month we try to have some organization to come in to entertain us. We have had the Sweet Adeline’s, Elvis impersonator plus lots of good acts in the past, even small children from a local school to sing Christmas Carols to us.


Stewart Court Co-operative housing is located at:

1717 Oxford Street

Regina Saskatchewan


Office (306)789-7970

Fax (306)761-8558


Membership and Housing Contact

Office (306)789-7970

Fax (306)761-8558



Across Victoria Ave from Victoria Square, Home Depot

Close to all shopping, and restaurants.

The City of Regina Transit System has a bus stop for Bus number

7 and 9 outside our front door.

Safeway runs a shuttle bus once a week taking our members shopping

and returns them at no charge.

single bedroom

single bedroom

single bedroom

double bedroom

double bedroom

double bedroom



building front

building front




front entrance

front entrance

common room

common room

common room

sweet adelines


BBQ on patio

Elvis is here

Elvis is here